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How much does it cost to make an app?

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.. this question is probably the most frequently asked in the app business. We are happy to answer them with a counter question: What does a car cost?

You can get a car from 100 €, it is outdated and used, probably not even approved for road traffic. You can get a new small car for 10 – 15 thousand euros. You feel great here, this new car smell, just wonderful. For those with higher demands and intensive use of the vehicle, access a cheaper category. This is probably available for around € 40,000. It can still get sportier, for top performance and great looks, you have already put away several hundreds of thousands for a luxury racing car.

But now to the real question: What does an app cost? – Do we already know what a car costs?

An app is like a car, it can be simple and reused, then it may be inexpensive. The more function it offers, the more expensive it becomes. Simple viewing of a website for informational purposes starts from around € 500. Apps with databases, user management and an attractive design can already cost thousands of euros. Design, security and user experience are truly time-consuming and increase the throughput time and the investment required, which can be compared with the delivery time and the price of a luxury car.