Corona App

The current corona crisis affects us all. That’s why we joined a team of experts and jointly developed an app to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth and BLE are used. The source code was published to ensure the necessary transparency. Öffentlicher Sourcecode Link zur App Bericht im Standard

Did you know….?

…. that the Republic of Austria is charged annually 7.825.219.749 € in interest? Top informed with Austria’s national debt clock, available on Google Play More info available at


In cooperation with the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, an automatic system was developed, which provides suggestion to the user based on their listener-behaviours. The project is currently still in development and will be further analyzed. More information will follow. It is currently only available for Android. Supported Devices: # Smartphone # Tablet # Chromecast
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